Pie Markers Boxed Mini Cutter Set 10pce

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This Pie Marker 10pce mini Cookie Cutter set contains:

  • Mini Apple - for Apple Pie, Peach Pie or Apricot Strudle
  • Mini Carrot - for Vegetable Pie
  • Mini Chicken - for Chicken Pie
  • Mini Cow - for Beef Pie
  • Mini Fish - for Tuna or Salmon Pie
  • Mini Lamb - For Lamb Pie
  • Mini Pig - for Pork or Bacon Pie
  • Mini Pumpkin - for Pumpkin Pie
  • Mini Strawberry - for Fruit Pie / Strudel 
  • Mini Mushroom - For Mushroom Pie

These cutters are stainless steel so they are dishwasher safe. They can be used to cut play dough, clay, cookies, sandwiches, fairy bread, fruit, pastry and cheese.


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