Christmas Elf Cookie using an Icecream Cone Cookie CutterAn Ice Cream Cone is one of the most versatile Cookie Cutters and a must have for every Cookie enthusiast.

The Icecream Cone Cookie Cutter is most useful when it has been turned upside down.   That way up the shape can be used as a:


  • A Christmas Elf Cookie
  • A Santa Cookie
  • A Child wearing a Party Hat Cookie
  • Teddy Bear wearing a Party Hat Cookie
  • Clown Cookie
  • Princess Face Cookie
  • Nome Face Cookie
  • Witch or Wizard Face Cookie
  • Three Wise Men Face Cookies 

When the Icecream cone is used up the right way it can be used as a:

Simply let your imagination run wild.

Turkey Face Cookie made from an Icecream ConeIcecream Cone Cookie



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