Making Fruit and Vegetables interesting for kidsThe Sweet Themes Cookie Cutter are perfect for Fruit Art projects for the following reasons:

1. They are made from high quality stainless steel so fruit acid does not eat into the steel.

2. Plastic, Powder Coated and Thick metal Cookie Cutters all bruise fruit, but because Sweet Themes cutters are not excessively thick steel and have good cutting edge they do not bruise the fruit.

Fruit or Vegetables of your choice for cutting- Melons, Apples, Pears, Banana, Kiwi Fruit
Fruit of your choice for decorating - Berries, Grapes, etc
Lemon Juice

Slice your selected fruit for cutting into 5cm thickneses
Using your stainless steel cutters cut out the desired shapes, and alternate how they are put together.
If using Apple or Banana coat in Lemon Juice to stop the fruit going brown.

We have prepared a couple of ideas for inspiration:





Transport Fruit Pops
Transport Fruit Pops
Under the Sea
Under the Sea Fruit Display
Kids Fruit Kababs
Kids Name Fruit Kababs
Ladies Tea Party Fruit
Ladies Tea Party Fruit Pops
Garden Fruit Platter
Garden Fruit Display
Fruit Cake
Fruit Cake or Valentine Fruit Cake
Christmas Fruit Bouquet
Christmas Fruit Bouquet
Funky Cowboy Chips
Western or Cowboy Vegetable Potato Chips for Kids
Baby Pram Fruit Pops
Baby Shower Fruit Kababs

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