How to host a Kids Cooking PartyThere has been much discussion recently on the importance of teaching children to cook and instilling an interest in preparing food. 

If your child has a birthday approaching? Why not skip the usual themed parties and host a cooking party instead? 

Kids can learn how to bake from scratch, kneading dough and how to decorate cupcakes or cookies – all in a playful atmosphere of fun! Cooking is FUN, CREATIVE and DELICIOUS! 

This is our suggestion for how to host a Kids Cooking Party - and survive!

2 Weeks Before

  • Send out invitations (Maybe write them on a recipe card)

1 Week Before

The Sweet Themes Kids Cooking Packs are aways a good start and a great keep sake for each of the kids attending.

Girls Kids Cooking Set - Apron, Cookie Cutters and Rolling Pin.Boys Kids Cooking Set - Apron, Cookie Cutters and Rolling Pin.











2 Days Before

  • Purchase all ingredients and food for the party, and some takeaway containers for the kids to take home their creations.
  • Print the recipes out in large text.

Night Before:

  • Colour Fondant or Icings and if making cookies make a batch of dough and refrigerate.

5 mins before party of the first guest (if having a cookie party)

  • Remove the dough from the refrigerator.

Start of the Party:

  • Kids Decorate Chef's Hats and/or Aprons with Permanent Clothing Markers.  This keeps the kids entertained while you wait for everyone to arrive.
    • Hats: Purchase Paper chefs hats or make your own.
    • Aprons: Purchase Aprons or make some DIY Dish Towel Aprons 

After the arrival of the last guest

    Cookie Dough  Have the kids all wash their hands to encourage good hygiene when preparing food.
  • Prepare one of the following recipes and pop them in the oven.
  • Cupcakes - No Mixer Cupcakes
  • Cookies - Basic Cookie Dough


  • (Note: When cutting the cookies use the dough you took out of the refrigerator before the party, not the one made at the party)

    While the Cookies or Cupcakes are cooking

    • Play a game that allows the kids to explore their senses by having them smell and taste various food and drink items while blindfolded.  See if they can correctly identify them.  Have another adult supervise this game while you tidy up from making the cupcakes or cookies.

    While the Cookies or Cupcakes are cooling

    • Have the kids all wash their hands to encourage good hygiene before eating food.
    • Have a nutritious morning tea, lunch or afternoon tea.  This helps teach the kids that Cupcakes and Cookies are occasional foods not a nutritious meal.  While the meal is nutritious you can make the meal fun by cutting the fruit, vegetables or sandwiches into shapes using cookie cutters or presenting the food in an interesting way.
    • Open gifts to give the cookies and cupcakes enough cooling time.
    • Also throw in a game to extend their cooking time.
    Decorating time
    •  Set out cooled cupcakes or cookies and decorating items 
      • Cupcakes - set out several piping bags of colored icing, various sprinkles, coloured fondant, rolling pins and mini cookie cutters.
      • Cookies - set out coloured fondant, piping gel, sprinkles, candy writers, rolling pins, edible art paint, paint brushes, paint pallets and cookie cutters.
    • Have the kids all wash their hands to encourage good hygiene when preparing food.
    • Let the kids start decorating and having fun.
    • Don't forget to sing Happy Birthday and eat some cookies or cupcakes.
    Cookie DecoratingDecorating Borobi with Edible Art PaintsDecorating Cookies

      At the end of the party, you’ll still be left with some cleaning-up, but you will have planted seeds in each of the kids minds which makes it all worthwhile.



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